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Tri-State Metro Topography


Caves/Natural Arches: Carter Caves State Park / Arches of Carter Caves (Map)

Gorges: Tygarts Creek Gorge / Laurel Gorge

Scenic Views: Carter Caves / Charles & Betty Russell Trail / Lockview Park / Grayson Lake / Greenbo Lake / Jesse Stuart Nature Preserve / Yatesville Lake

Kentucky County High Points:

Lawrence County (~1320 ft)

Carter County (~1310 ft)

Greenup County (~1200 ft)

Boyd County (~1140 ft)

Named Mountains: Boyd County / Carter County / Greenup County / Lawrence County


Scenic Views: Lake Vesuvius / Three State Overlook

Ohio County High Points:

Lawrence County (~1060 ft)

Named Mountains: Lawrence County

West Virginia

Scenic Views: Cabwaylingo State Forest / Rotary Park / Ritter Park (Gobbler’s Knob) / Barboursville Park (Drew’s Overlook) / Beechfork State Park / East Lynn Lake / Harris Riverfront Park / Virginia Point Park

West Virginia County High Points:

Wayne County (~1560 ft)

Putnam County (~1230 ft)

Cabell County (~1170 ft)

Named Mountains: Cabell County / Putnam County / Wayne County







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