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Portsmouth Outdoor Recreation

Parks & Preserves

Brush Creek State Forest (Map): Hiking & Horseback Riding

Earl Thomas Conley Riverside Park: Disc golf / Pump track

Gladys Riley Golden Star Lily Preserve (Map): Hiking (Dogs Not Permitted)

Raven Rock State Nature Preserve  (Map): Hiking (Permit Required) (Dogs Not Permitted)

Scioto Brush Creek State Nature Preserve: Hiking & Birding (Dogs Not Permitted)

Shawnee State Forest (Map) / Shawnee State Park (Map): Boating, Camping, Disc Golf, Hiking/Backpacking, Horseback Riding/Camping, Mountain Biking, & Swimming Lakes

Water Activities / Public Access Sites

Big Scioto River

Ohio River


Discover Ohio Trail Map

Copperhead Fire Tower

Scenic Scioto Heritage Trail (Map)

Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce

Portsmouth-Scioto County Visitor’s Bureau

Portsmouth Connex

Pets Restricted from State Nature Preserves

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