Know Before You Go: Hiking During Hunting Season

1. Know when hunting season occurs



West Virginia

2. Know where hunting occurs

Private Lands generally allow hunting (e.g., Kanawha Trace)

Public Lands that DO allow hunting: National Forests / National Wildlife Refuges / National Wildernesses / State Forests / State Wildlife Areas

Public Lands that MAY allow hunting:

National Parks (e.g., New River Gorge National River; Gauley River National Recreation Area)

State Parks / County Parks / City Parks located in KY, OH, & WV allow hunting during special hunts:

2020-2021 Tri-State Metro & Nearby Metro Areas Special Hunt Dates (no guarantee this list is accurate or complete; check state DNR websites for updated details)

Beech Fork State Park: November 2-4th / November 9-11th

Cato Park – City of Charleston: November – December

Yatesville Lake State Park: December 14-16th

Greenbo Lake State Park: November 6-8th / November 13th-15th / January 5-6th

3. Wear blaze orange or other bright colors (this includes pets)
4. Hike midday (avoid dawn & dusk)
5. Hike in popular areas & stay on marked trails
6. Make noise
7. Keep pets on leash







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