Tri-State Metro Hiking


Boyd County

Armco Park Iron Ore Hiking Trail

Charles & Betty Russell Park (Map)

Carter County

Carter Caves State Park/Tygarts National Forest (Map)

Grayson Lake State Park (Map) / Grayson Lake US Corps Recreation Area / Grayson Lake WMA (Map)

“The Api-su-ahts hiking trail features four loops totaling over 22 miles.  It winds through creek bottoms, hollows and ridgetops in the more secluded region of the WMA east of Grayson Lake.  Elevation ranges from 600 to over 1,100 ft. and the various loops provide opportunities to tailor hikes to different degrees of difficulty and time schedules.  Scenery is excellent, ranging from lakeshore, to managed wildlife openings, to mature hardwood forest.  Wildlife is abundant and many ridgetops provide attractive overlooks…The trail head for loops one and two is located at Deer Creek, and at Frazier Flats for loops two and three.” – US Army Corps

Olive Hill Trail Town

Greenup County

Greenbo Lake State Resort (Map)

Jesse Stuart Nature Preserve

Lawrence County, KY

Yatesville Lake State Park / Yatesville Lake US Corps Recreation Area / Yatesville Lake WMA (Map)


Lawrence County, OH

Wayne National Forest – Ironton Area (Map)


Cabell County

Barboursville Park (Map)

Beech Fork State Park (Map)

Green Bottom WMA (Map)

Huntington Art Museum Trails (Map)

Kanawha Trace (Map)

Ritter Park

Rotary Park

Putnam County

Eleanor Park (Map)

Walter Nature Park

Hurricane City Park (Map)

Mary Draper Ingles Trail – Winfield (Map)

Wayne County

Beech Fork Lake US Corps Recreation Area / Beech Fork Lake WMA (Map)

“The Beaver Pond Trail begins at the second parking lot at the beach and ends at a beaver pond. The Beaver Pond Trail is 1.3 miles in total length [roundtrip]. The Twin Coves Trail begins at the second parking lot at the beach and ends at a beaver pond. The Twin Coves Trail is a 3-mile loop trail that begins parallel to the Beaver Pond Trail for .11 miles. It goes through Twin Coves and through the WMA to the beaver pond, then back along the Beaver Pond Trail. Hiking the Twin Coves Trail during hunting seasons is not recommended. The Rock Hollow Trail originates behind the Visitor Center on Beech Fork Road. The overlook on this 1/2-mile loop trail provides a scenic view of the dam and lake. The Spillway Trail is a 1.4 mile loop trail that starts near Shelter 2 and follows the shoreline toward Stowers Branch then goes up and follows a ridge to the emergency spillway. The trail then parallels the emergency spillway back to the shoreline. Please note there is no beach access via the Spillway Trail. Please note the trails are designed for hiking only. Bicycles, horses, and off-road vehicles are prohibited.” – Nikki Rowe-Fortner for the Herald Dispatch

Cabwaylingo State Forest (Map)

East Lynn Lake US Corps Recreation Area / East Lynn Lake WMA (Interactive Map)


Equipment Rentals

Marshall University Adventure Rentals


Huntington Area Hiking Club     



“Tri-State Boasts Several Trails”- Herald Dispatch






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