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Tri-State Metro Parks & Preserves

Boyd County

Ashland City Parks (e.g., Central Park / Charles & Betty Russell Park)

Boyd County Parks (e.g., Armco Park / Fannin Park)

Carter County

Carter Caves State Park (Map) / Tygarts State Forest (Map)

Grayson Lake State Park (Map) / Grayson Lake US Army Corps / Grayson Lake WMA (Map)

Olive Hill Trail Town (Map)

Greenup County

Greenbo Lake State Park (Map)

Jesse Stuart Nature Preserve (Dogs Not Permitted)

South Shore WMA

Lawrence County

Lawrence County Park at Pleasant Ridge / Yatesville Lake State Park / Yatesville Lake US Army Corps (Brochure) / Yatesville WMA (Map)

Lockview Park

Lawrence County

Anderson Compass Plant Prairie State Nature Preserve (Dogs Not Permitted)

Crown City Wildlife Area (Map)

Dean State Forest (Map)

Wayne National Forest – Ironton Area (Map)

West Virginia
Cabell County

Barboursville Park (Map)

Beech Fork Lake State Park (Map)

Greater Huntington Area (e.g., Harris Riverfront Park / Ritter Park / Rotary Park / St. Cloud Commons)

Green Bottom WMA (Map)

HMOA Nature Trails (Map)

Putnam County

Amherst/Plymouth WMA

Eleanor Park

Walter Memorial Nature Park

Hurricane City Parks (e.g., City Park / Valley Park)

Wetlands of Winfield (educational facility; reservation required )

Winfield City Park & Boat Launch

Wayne County

Beech Fork Lake State Park (Map) / Beech Fork Lake US Army Corps / Beech Fork Lake WMA (Map)

Cabwaylingo State Forest (Map)

East Lynn Lake US Army Corps / East Lynn Lake WMA (Map)

Virginia Point Park


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